Nietzsche said “a good writer possesses not only his own
spirit but also the spirit of his friends.”
No friend of mine need worry about the legacy they
will leave behind, for I am the writer.
Nietzsche said “a good writer possesses not only his own spirit but also the spirit of his friends.”
No friend of mine need worry about the legacy they will leave behind, for I am the writer.

The writer recalls, in no particular order: a handful of fresh-fallen olives, a beautiful French doctor, an aggressive city in England, and the incorruptible company of literature. So when is the writer born?

An olive farm west of Aix-en-Provence – Moulin du Mas de Vaudoret – offered the writer, then 25, accommodation and food in exchange for honest work. The fixed routine and early hours left long and free afternoons, in which the young Englishman immersed himself in fiction. But the writer was already writing; there were defining moments before this.

After a period of post-graduate poverty in Marseille, and before the olive farm, there was the beautiful doctor, Amélie. Seduced by his stories – is the writer born to meet women? – she invited him into her home and her bed. Warm, but temporary. Did the writer leave because life had become too easy? Does he ever regret that decision?
From the appetite to study, a teenage lyricist became a poet. But academia does not give birth to the writer. Formal education: locked three years beside backward peers and banal instruction, seldom stealing a happy second. But the maladjusted writer still emerges with first-class honours.
Frustrated and impatient. From my second month at university, I couldn’t wait to break free and write for myself. Befriending a poet lecturer and learning outside of class saved me.
After rural France, the writer shelved all western plans. Eastern Europe represented land unknown and Bulgaria offered open nature in which the writer pitched his tent and lived happily, walking from beach to forest to beach again until winter sent him into the city: Plovdiv. Having been offline for months, the writer discovered offers to publish his debut novel, The Little Movements, earning money in the city as a teacher of English and a hip-hop journalist.
Childhood is remembered by the writer as an introduction to poetry through music. Morrissey saved the writer from the impossible loneliness of secondary school lifelessness. Marc Bolan excited the writer’s imagination with the other-worldly nature of his early work with Tyrannosaurus Rex. And Bowie defined the ‘fearless creative’ to an impressionable mind. Without these three influences, would the writer have been born at all!
At 27, the writer is employed by Bonne Marque as a freelancer. With the designer, a rare creative collaboration flourished from the chaos of agency-life. The two Born Makers have rebuilt Bonne Marque in their wild image. At the same time, they are open to freelance-type projects as a pair or individually, from agencies or clients, in branding, advertising, design and writing, providing the challenge excites.
Our writer and designer working relationship is unique, built on respect for each other’s work, sincere friendship, and the mutual desire to experiment with styles and push our creativity until something breaks. We’re still pushing.

 What now? The writer has written for Communication Arts, Netmag and Web Designer Mag, and believes his path arrows amongst such names. It places the writer in more of a central role in the creative industry opposed to the outskirts as ‘outspoken misfit of Bonne Marque,’ for whom he is now Creative Director and Partner.


I worked with different companies like Descriptive Advertisement, LYFE marketing and a company that were selling linkedin Endorsements to different people that use linkeidn quite aggressively for lead generation.

  • Engzell
  • Waaark Studio
  • Involve Digital
  • Hunter Farmer
  • Bonne Marque


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